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    7 years prior

    Third Person Perspective


    The small girl with blue hair that flowed to the back of her knees, moved farther back in the closet, her eyes shut tight as her fingers curled in her straight hair while her knees were drawn up close against her chest as she shook with fear. Her uncle had commanded her to hide as the screams were becoming louder as well as fewer as the monster drew closer towards her father’s home. Her uncle promised she would be alright as long as she stayed hidden and didn’t come out until he, or another adult, had commanded her too.

          The child flinches as she hears the front door of her precious uncles home slam open and she can make out the slow footsteps as they enter his home. She opens an eye a crack as her uncle stands in front of the closet she had been told to hide in, brandishing a kunai knife in his right hand. She can’t make out the shadow as her uncle lunges toward it. In seconds he is cut down and he collapses backward, his blood spraying out. She holds in her gasp as some makes it through the crack in the door and splashes across her cheek. Her eyes widen in horror as her trembling grows stronger; she stares at the black shadow standing over her now dead uncle.

          She sits trembling terribly until the monster she cannot make out in the darkness walk away and back out the front door, closing it softly behind him as he exits. She waits still as she hears fewer screams coming from the villagers in her home. She wipes the tears out of her glacier blue eyes and crawls from the closet easily because of her small three year old size. She was smart for a three year old as well as very intelligent. She knew not to make a sound as she stood on her small bare feet. Her eyes stared at her uncle for a moment before she leaned down and closed his eyes sadly.

          She turned her back and walked on silent feet as any ninja would and made her way to her room that her uncle kept for her in his home. Silent still, she grabbed her backpack and stuffed two changes of clothes in it as well as her ninja sandals and a small weapon pouch that her aunt had made just in case she would need it before she was able to go to the ninja academy. She grabbed a mask and a hat, stuffing them down into the backpack as well. Tiny hands grabbed onto the bed as the small child pulled herself up onto it and quietly moved her hands along the wall her bed was pressed against.

          Finally her fingers slide over a very small crack and she presses her fingers against it, making the hidden door open under her touch. The small hands reach in and pull out food as well as water to sustain her for a while, until she can escape the monster that was killing all the people in her home. As silent as possible, she closes the door, making it disappear as if it wasn’t there, and she climbs off her bed and puts the precious items inside her bag before zipping it up.

          Quietly she pulls on socks out of a drawer and puts them on before sliding into her boots that were for traveling as well as keeping her feet warm as her uncle had explained on a number of occasions. The small girl swallows, pushes back the memories, and was about to sling the backpack onto her shoulders when a small figure slides out from under her bed, its five tails waving in the air quietly in a greeting to the child. Small hands picks up the strange cat and places it inside the backpack as well before she zips it almost close, but keeps it open just enough for the cat to get air.

    The child slides the backpack onto her small shoulders before moving quietly, even in her heavy boots, down the stairs and too the front door. Gently, as to not make noise, the child sets her backpack down and reaches up for the doorknob. Her hands barely scrap the underside of it as she stands on tip toe to try and open the door. She pauses for a moment before trying again just when she feels a dark presence at her back. She feels the monster she had been hiding from move closer, his legs against her back as she rocks back down on to her feet.

    Her breathing picks up fearfully as the monster she feared stood behind her silently. Her heart pounds as the monster goes down onto one knee and leans close to whisper into her ear. She feels his hot breath against her skin as he quietly whispers, “Found you,” in a bland voice. She opens her mouth to cry out, only for it to be cut off as she feels a sharp pain in her mid-section. Her eyes widen as she stares at the door, her only escape to freedom.

    Slowly, she looks down at her stomach to see a kunai knife all the way through her small body as the hand belonging to the monster and now killer, presses against her back to hold it in place as well as hold her small body up, for her legs can no longer do so.

    “You can never run from me, no matter how hard you try,” the monster whispers in her ear as he finally lets go of the kunai. Her knees cave out from under her as she falls forward onto them and then collapses down completely onto the floor. She can say nothing nor make any sound as the knife slides back the way it a come slightly as her chest lays against the floor. Her eyes are wide as the monster walks away on silent feet, the vibrations the floor makes as he leaves the only way she knows he is leaving her to bleed out.

          She breathes quickly as she lies there, struggling to pull enough air into her chest. She wants to cry as she realizes she had failed her uncle in staying alive to fight another day. She stares at nothing, her blue eyes wide as she breathes in and out painfully, the kunai knife slowly sliding back out of her body as she breathes to get air. She can just make out the edge of her backpack as the cat creature sticks its head out and looks at her. Slowly it climbs out of her bag and walks over to her.

          It makes no sound as it presses a paw against her face gently in its own show of affection. The child feels its purr rumbling through its paw yet there is no sound in the still house except her labored breathing. The cat licks her cheek once before reaching up and yanking the kunai out the rest of the way, making the dying child catch her breath for a moment before continuing to breath hard, struggling to survive.

          The cat walks over to the backpack, taping it with a paw twice. It instantly shrinks to a size where the cat slides it over her neck and wears it like the collar that is already around its neck. Silently, it grabs the child she cares for dress hem and starts dragging her backward towards the back door. Even though the child’s eyes are open, all she can see is darkness as the cat drags her out the back door and towards the forest.

          The cat wanted the child to survive. She did not know if the child could, but she would try to help this girl that had saved her from death. She continues dragging the child as her own body grows weaker. Finally unable to drag the child any farther, she drops down beside the small girl and puts a paw on her cheek, purring freely as tears fall and leak into her fur as she feels the girl losing the fight to survive. She can’t help feeling helpless as the child’s breath grows weaker and less labored as her body grows colder. She silently keeps her paw on the child’s face and purrs as loud as possible, wanting desperately for someone to save this child that is so very precious to her. Survive, she thinks as the tears splash onto the dirt beneath her. Survive for me.

          Three days later: Kakashi Hatake

                First Person Perspective

          I can’t help sighing and looking sadly at my friend’s precious home being destroyed. I push my ANBU mask up and slide my hand down my face letting out another tired sigh. Bodies are everywhere in the Uchiha clan village, all dead and rotting, even after we had started to clean up and bury them two days ago. All of them are dead except for one small child called Sasuke.

          I start to walk forward, opening the door I had been avoiding for a while now sense it was my job to get the bodies out of the had only been my second year as an ANBU and I was slightly feeling bad about it as we all struggled to figure out why Itachi Uchiha had killed all of the Uchiha clan three days prior of today. I shake my head and tell myself to forget about it for now as I step inside and onto a pile of blood. I pause and crouch down slowly following the smear marks of the blood as they disappear around a corner.

          “Maybe all isn’t lost,” I think as I straighten and pick up a bloody kunai just in case and I follow the blood trail around the corner. My eyes widen as I see an open door gently banging against the wall as it is unable to close due to the top lock being out. I silently move to the door and out it, seeing paw marks as well as the blood trail continuing out into the forest. I glance over my shoulder in wonder as I see dried paw marks are two on the floor. “Taji! I think someone needs help,” I call as I move out into the open, the sun up in the sky. Taji appears by my side, her mask in place as I move my own back in place.

          “What’s wrong,” she asks in a curious voice until she looks down and follows the blood trail with her eyes. She kneels down and gently touches the blood first in the drag marks then on the paw prints. She shakes her head as she moves to being on the balls of her feet and looks up at me. “She bloods cold Kakashi. And depending how much is already out here and I’m betting there is more inside, there is no way whoever this belongs is alive.”

          I shake my head as I move into the trees following the drag marks and the paw prints as they go deeper into the forest. “I know who ever it is, is alive,” I say out loud as I glance at the bloody kunai in my hand. Itachi must have tried to kill someone and thinking they were dead, had left, and only had some small animal as company as they dragged themselves away and into the forest to live. I swallow and continue on when suddenly a black cat with five long tails leaps out from the bushes ahead of me and hisses, arching its back up warningly with its lips pulled back to expose sharp teeth. Its black, bottomless eyes glare at me as I stand still and look back at the small animal

          Taji glances down at the paw prints then at the cat before she looks at me. I can tell she had come to the same conclusion that I have. We both know that the cat is protecting something and we both think it is another surviving member of the Uchiha clan. “I slowly kneel down until I’m on the balls of my feet and speak slowly as my gaze is locked with the cat’s. “I won’t hurt them. I promise. I just want to make sure they are alright,” I whisper and receive a look from Taji from within her mask as she stands still. I know I must sound like a lunatic taking to a cat, but for some reason, I know it can understand me.

          “Taji here will heal them and I can protect them. I promise you we will not hurt anyone that you are protecting.” The cat had slowly let its fur lay flat as I talked and it had slowly turned from black to white before my eyes. I watched as its black eyes turned to a light purple color with no pupils as its tails flicked back and forth as if the creature was uncertain. I don’t move as it seems to think my proposition over.

          After what seems like hours instead of seconds, the cat turns its back and leaps back into the bushes it had jumped out of. I straightened and followed with Taji on my heels as we walk through the bushes to see a small girl in a muddy dress and boots lying face down on the ground. Her face is turned towards us and I can see her eyes are closed as her long blue locks cover part of her face as she lays still.

          The cat walks over to her and sits by her head, giving me a suspicious look as I walk towards the small child. The girl looks about three or four as she lays there on the ground. Taji, seeing her potential patient, rushes past me, crouches on the balls of her feet besides the child and reaches out slowly to touch her. I can see her shoulders slump as if she sees what I am thinking. The child had lost too much blood to still be alive if the blood stain on her back is any indication to where the blood has come from.

          She reaches out gently and brushes some of the child’s long her back from her face and behind her ear as she lets out a sigh. I look at the grass in sadness as I realize that Sasuke is the only Uchiha left. Taji suddenly gasps and my eyes flash to her as I see the small child has her hand griping the ANBU ninja’s wrist in a vise like grip. Her eyes flash open and her ice blue eyes look at Taji and widen in fear as her small grip tightens.

          “Don’t kill me,” she child whispers so softly I can barely hear her from where I’m standing. I rush to Taji’s side and kneel beside her on one knee, unsure of what to do as my gaze travels quickly from the girl to her and back again. Her eyes flash to me and they widen until I can see the whites of her eyes. “Move,” she commands in a small voice just as I feel something being flung toward me. I grab Taji and jump out of the way just was something explodes just where we had been crouched beside the girl. Taji coughs as the smoke clears and a man in a black cloak with red clouds on it gently bends down and picks the girl up as well as a backpack I hadn’t seen was behind the girl.

          The cat that was beside the girl is nowhere to be seen as the man turns to us with a smile, part of his blonde hair covering one of his eyes. “Thank you for finding our little toy while she was hidden. We couldn’t find her anywhere hm. See you,” the man says with a smile and jumps up just as a white bird flies under him and lifts him up into the sky. I release my hold on Taji as we both watch the man take the girl away into the sky, wondering what would possibly become of the known Uchiha child.


    Third person Perspective

                Several hours later with Deidara

          The blonde man and his flying clay bird, gently land on the ground outside their hideout. He walks towards the entrance, the small child held like a ball in one arm and her now normal sized backpack slung over his other shoulder as he strolled causally forward alone. He glanced down to see her long hair was dragging across the ground in the dirt, yet never seeming to catch any of the filth into her light blue locks. Shrugging his shoulder uncaringly, he continues on as a man with long black hair down his back appears in front of him with a sadistic smirk on his face as he looks from the blonde to the child in his grip.

          “Yes,” the blonde man asks, smiling back at the dark-haired man. The man’s smirk turns into a hungry smile as the sun reflects off his pale skin and his snake colored yellow eyes flick back to the girl then back to his face.

          “Oh nothing, Deidara. Just simply wondering what you have there,” the pale man says his eyes once more going to the blue-haired girl. Deidara sniffs with annoyance, feeling unnoticed, before pushing past him and continuing on inside.

          “Nothing really. Something the boss had noticed and thought was interesting for me to go and pick up,” he replies and moves inside. The black-haired man chuckled softly as he followed his blonde companion inside, wondering just what exactly the “boss” wanted with a small, blue-haired child.


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