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Hey guys! i was locked out of my account for a while,but i figured it out! HUZZAH!!!

    First person perspective


    I sigh as I appear on the ground outside the ninja academy and rub my visible absently. I turn to walk towards my home when I suddenly stop dead and take a couple of steps back to keep myself from falling over. The girl with the sky blue hair looks up at me with her glacier blue eyes. I see her backpack is now on her back and in her arms is a blue kitten that matches her hair. Its yellow eyes look up at me suspiciously as I stare back at it. Her kittens not blue, I think subconsciously then reach up to rub the back of my head and wonder where that idea had come from. I push the weird thought away as I look down at the small girl.

    As I open my mouth to ask her what she is doing in front of me, she suddenly tilts her head and her eyes glaze over for a moment before she blinks and looks up at me. “Mr. Iruka Sensei is coming,” Kanna says in a small voice. I blink in confusion when I do hear my name being called. I glance over my shoulder to see Iruka running towards me.

          He catches his breath as he hands me a piece of paper. “The Hokage has found a place for Kanna to stay. He asked if you would take her sense it’s only a little ways past your own home,” Iruka says looking up at me. I pause thinking about refusing before I glance to my side to see the little girl standing by his side and reach out to put her hand in his, squeezing gently. He looks down at her and gives her a warm smile.

          I suddenly feel jealous as I see Iruka looking at her like that. I wanted her to become comfortable with me where she would hold my hand when she was afraid instead of his… I mean I was her sensei after all. “Alright,” I say making Iruka look up at me. “I’ll take her home. Thanks Iruka.”

          “No problem,” he says giving me a closed eyes smile before gently touch the top of the blue-haired girl’s head. “Be safe Kanna,” Iruka says ruffling her hair gently before letting go of her hand and turning to leave.

          “Thank you Mr. Iruka Sensei,” the child whispers in a small voice. He pauses before turning around and giving her another closed-eyed smile and a wave as he starts walking away.

          “You’re welcome Kanna and thank you,” he says over his shoulder as he leaves. I scowl at his back before sighing and looking down at the girl again. She was watching Iruka before she looked up at me with wide eyes. I swallow and shove down my stupid jealousy as I take the child’s hand and lead her towards her home.

          I say nothing as we walk and it doesn’t take us long before we get there. I unfold the paper and let the key fall into my hand before I turn and hand it to the child. She takes it gently into one hand while still holding the blue cat to her chest. I watch as she looks at the yellow house before she slowly walks over to it and slides her key in the lock and unlocking it. She steps inside and I follow slowly as she stands in the living room and looks around.

          I glance around myself at the simple furnishing as I see her set her cat down and take her backpack off her shoulders. “Do you have any more clothes,” I ask as she looks at me once more. She shakes her head and looks at the ground as I turn to go. “Alright, I’ll get you some and some food for your kitchen so you can have things to eat and other clothes to wear. Don’t worry about paying me back. The Hokage will do so.”

          I take one foot out the door and suddenly a tiny hand grabs onto my sleeve; I glance over my shoulder to see Kanna looking at the ground as she says, “Thank you Mr. Kakashi.” I almost glare at her as she doesn’t add on the sensei. I know I haven’t known her long, but neither had Iruka and he was called sensei. As I open my mouth to reply I look at her and realize there are tears falling to the floor.

          Crying? Why is she crying, I think as I quickly kneel down and look the small girl in the face. “Kanna,” I ask tentatively when she unexpectedly jumps into my arms, wrapping her arms around my neck and crying. My eyes widen as I feel her tears fall onto my shoulder.

          I hurriedly grab her up and go back into the house, kicking the door close behind me. I sit on the couch rubbing her back and realizing its cold in the house. When I try to get up however, tiny hands grip the back of my shirt and a small voice whispers, “don’t le…leave me a-a-alone.” I nod and hold her as I go to the only bedroom, yank the blanket off the premade bed, and carry her back to the couch, covering the two of us with the blanket. I held that child all night as she cried onto my shoulder. It took several hours before her crying turned to small sounds of whimpering and then quieting completely as she fell asleep in my arms.

          I didn’t move even though it was two in the morning by the time she was in a deep enough sleep I could have left her. Instead, I held Kanna all night, falling asleep myself while rubbing my hands up and down her small back. The last thought I had that night was if I ever met the people that made this girl that was in my arms cry, I would give them a slow painful death that they would carry with them into the afterlife.

(Kakashi is worried for Kanna’s wellbeing, but the question is, what set her off? And did anyone else notice that Kanna has no idea who Kakashi is? Final questions of the day: who all is Kanna running from and why do you think she gave up her memories? Was it because of Itachi or because of her family’s death?

Aaaaaaaaaand who is Kanna’s father? Can anyone guess??)


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i love all animals, mostly wolves and dogs ^^. i love drawing, knitting and sowing in my spare time and i love being in FFA.

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